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Our mission  
  Let s not forget
  Let s not forget

The Jewish community from Satu Mare commemorates every June the Jewish deported in the Auschwitz- Birkenau extermination camps. Since then 63 years have past but the tragedy of Jews from Satu Mare can not be forgotten.

After the Vienna treaty, when the North of Transylvania had been given up to the Hungary which was at that time allied to Hitler’s Germany an administrative and policeman body was set up in order to prepare the deportations of the Jews. On 26 of April 1944, state secretary Endre László gives the order for deportation. On may the 3rd the ghettos are opened. In Satu Mare the ghetto was limited by the area of “Piata Mare�. In that fatal day the Hungarian authorities, mayor Csóka László, the chief of police Czégényi Károly and the commander of the constabulary have sent troupes to grip the Jews from their houses. After 3 days the action was over. In the ghetto were gathered around 18900 Jews from Satu Mare among which there were also Jews brought from Carei and from the county. Commander of the ghetto was named Sárközi Béla. For a better administration of the problems from the ghetto the Jews committee has been assembled. Among its members there were respected persons of the community like Zoltán Schwartz, Samuel Rosenberg, József Borgida and others.

Towards Auschwitz – Birkenau started to leave on May the 19th 1944 six trains with approximately 3300 persons. In total 18863 Jews were deported. 14440 Jews from Satu Mare were killed. The survivors whom have come back to Satu Mare have preferred Alyia instead of the communist regime which was set up with the help of the Soviet Union.

Today the Jewish community from Satu Mare having as president Mr. Nicolae Decsei, although in small number are a very active community and doesn’t forget to honor the memory of those who have disappeared in the Holocaust. Our old and agitated history can be found in the existed Synagogues. In 2004 the monument of Holocaust have been revealed which can be found in the court yard of the Synagogues from Decebal street see pictures .

Testimonies from Satu Mare, the bill of indictment and verdict in North-Transylvanian ghettos Trial from 1946:



Memories of deported camp inmates:



The jewish comunity from Satu Mare