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  The Jewish community from Satu Mare
List of Jewish cemeteries from Satu Mare
  The Jewish community from Satu Mare

The Jewish community has given the city of Satu Mare along time a lot of great names, some distinguished themselves with their work: the historian Acsády Ignác, Deputy Ferenc Chorin and Kelemen Samu, the politician Jászi Oszkár, writers Csehi Gyula, Markovits Rodion and Szép Ernő, Dénes Sándor writer, painter Erdös Pál, director György Harag, BESA  ADRIAN

Today the Jews from Satu Mare, survivors of cruel times, are living in a numerically small but very active community having its president in the person of the jurist Decsei Nicolae. Their old and agitated history, their previous existence may be found on the synagogues walls from Decebal street and on the houses where they used to live Princz, Borgida, Schönberger, Spitz families or in the graveyards from the two Jewish cemeteries on the frightful monument of the soap or in the Holocaust memorial.


The jewish comunity from Satu Mare