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  Satu Mare jewish community
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  Satu Mare jewish community

Thoughts at the beginning of the road!

The work of our community will be known all over the world, we hope that Jews from everywhere will contact us and let us visit. We are welcoming  all those who come with joy and love at our community and want to visit the Synagogues to  put a flower or a pebble in memory of the Jews from Satu Mare killed in the Holocaust at the monument from the Sinagogue courtyard . Also we wait those who want to put a flower on the graves of those who rest in the cemeteries from Satu Mare, Carei or Tasnad.
You are welcome to send us your messages by email cesatumare@yahoo.com or cesatumare@gmail.com  or to contact us through the contact section of this website and we will reply as quickly as possible.

Alfred Sebok EC secretary

Testimonies from Satu Mare, the bill of indictment and verdict in North-Transylvanian ghettos Trial from 1946:



Memories of deported camp inmates:



The jewish comunity from Satu Mare